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Bombala, New South Wales, Australia: A Visitor's Guide

Bombala is a small town located in the Monaro region of New South Wales, Australia. It is known for its scenic beauty, historic sites, and outdoor recreational activities.

Getting to Bombala

Bombala can be accessed via car or bus from Canberra, located about 120 kilometers to the north. The town is also serviced by a regional airport, Cooma-Snowy Mountains Airport, which is located approximately 80 kilometers west of Bombala.

Things to See and Do

Bombala Railway Viaduct

The Bombala Railway Viaduct is an iconic structure located in Bombala. It was constructed in the late 1920s and is recognized as the tallest railway viaduct in Australia. Visitors can explore the area and learn about the history of the railway.

Bombala Historic Railway Station

The Bombala Historic Railway Station is another notable site in the town. The station was built in the mid-1800s and has been preserved to its original condition. Visitors can take a tour and learn about the history of the station and the railway in the region.

Bombala River Walk

The Bombala River Walk is a scenic walking trail that winds through the town and along the Bombala River. Visitors can enjoy hiking, fishing, and picnicking along the river. The trail also provides access to several historic sites in the town.

Bombala Platypus Reserve

The Bombala Platypus Reserve is a unique wildlife refuge that is home to a variety of native animals, including the platypus. Visitors can watch the platypus in their natural habitat and learn about the ecosystem of the area.

Where to Stay

Bombala offers a variety of accommodation options for visitors, including motels, guesthouses, and camping sites. Some popular options include the Bombala Motor Inn, the Bombala Caravan Park, and the Platypus Cottage.

Where to Eat

Bombala has several restaurants and cafes that offer a range of cuisine options. Some popular choices include the Bombala Bakery, the Bombala Chinese Restaurant, and the Bombala RSL Club.

Visit Bombala

Bombala is a charming town that offers visitors a unique blend of history, nature, and culture. Whether you are interested in exploring the region's historic sites, enjoying outdoor activities, or simply taking in the scenic beauty of the area, Bombala has plenty to offer. So, pack your bags, and head out to Bombala for an unforgettable experience.

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